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Who We Are

J&N Industrial Co.Ltd.

-----------Professional tools for flooring and carpet installation

 J&N Industrial Co.Ltd. is a leading manufacturer for Carpet,Vinyl and Flooring tools targeted for the professional installer as well as the do-it-yourselfer.

We mainly focus on Carpet Tools, Vinyl Tools,Tear Out Tools, Ceramic & Stone Tools and etc.Our company continues to build its reputation for offering customers the most comprehensive flooring installation product line.

For the past years,our customers have come to rely on us for dependable OEM ability, and competitively priced of installation products. (more…)

What We Do

Carpet Installation Tools

carpet installation tools

JNN tool makes all essential and necessary tools and accessories for carpet installation.We try to offer...

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Flooring Roller

flooring roller

Flooring Roller cover all rollers for carpet, vinyl floor and other floor installation,including Star Seam Roller,...

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Flooring Tool for prep

flooring tools for prep

This is the tools that need for preparation before installation. They contain Wall Scraper, Carpet Puller,...

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Knee Kicker

knee kicker

knee kicker is a must-have tool for carpet installation. We have different version from the most...

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Knives & Cutters

knives & cutters

Knives and Cutters are for carpet and flooring installation. Include many must-have tools like Linoleum Knife,...

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Other Tools

other tools

Other tools is some tools for ceramic & stone tools, hardwood & laminate tools and material...

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Scissors and Shears

scissors and shears

The scissors and shears are for Carpet, Upholstery, Drapery, and Fabric Shears and etc. They are...

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Vinyl Tool

vinyl tools

The vinyl tools cover the traditional and newest tools and accessories, including the welding tools like...

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Latest Products

JN609 vinyl weld trim guide

Used as a guide for trimming excess vinyl welding rod from vinyl floor surface after completion of hot air welded...

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JN608 multi groover vinyl floor welding tool

Altro flooring hand groover vinyl floor welding tool & bar The Altro groover comes complete with one bar which is...

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JN606 bar groover for flooring welding groove tool

Altro Hand Groover & 6 Altro bars Comes complete with one bar which is double sided. Also comes with the...

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