Dicyandiamide CAS 461-58-5

China Agriculture Grade Nitrification inhibitor White Powder Cyanoguanidine Dicyandiamide DCDA

White crystal powder, density is 1.40g/cm3 (at 25º C). Melting point is 209-211C, it is soluble in water and alcohol, almost insoluble in ethyl ether and benzene, stable when dry, non-flammable.

Product name: Dicyanodiamide
Alias: DCDA; DCD; N-Cyanoguanidine; Cyanoguanidine;
EINECS NO:207-312-8
Molecular formula: C2H4N4
Molecular weight: 84.0874
Structural formula:
Assay: 99.5% at least
Melting point: 208-211℃
Packing: Net Wt 25kg, 500kg, 1000kg Plastic woven bag