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Who We Are

LIANYUNGANG JM BIOSCIENCE CO., LTD is a technology innovative company, and mainly engaged in researching,developing, investing, manufacturing and supplying all kinds of agrochemicals, fine chemicals, as well as some pharmaceutical intermediates and food additives. We are currently manufacturing some products like N-(N-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide(NBPT), N-(N-Propyl) thiophosphoric triamide(NPPT)and 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole phosphate(DMPP).

In order to keep manufacturing and supplying regularly and sustainably, In 2017 we have invested CNY 100 million to buy a land of 240,000sqm in GanSu Province and built up a new and advanced manufacturing base, (more…)

What We Do


N-(N-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide

NBPT Because of the high N content, urea is the main N fertilizer for agricultural applications. Under normal circumstances, urea in the...

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3, 4-Dimethylpyrazole phosphate

3, 4-Dimethylpyrazole phosphate

DMPP 1H-Pyrazole, 3,4-dimethyl-, phosphate (1:1) Based on the principle of soil colloid adsorption of ammonium ion addition of nitrification inhibitor DMPP in...

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Dicyandiamide CAS 461-58-5

China Agriculture Grade Nitrification inhibitor White Powder Cyanoguanidine Dicyandiamide DCDA White crystal powder, density is 1.40g/cm3 (at 25º C). Melting point is...

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Phosphorous acid

Phosphorous Acid CAS 13598-36-2

Phosphorous acid is the compound described by the formula H3PO3. This acid is diprotic (readily ionizes two protons), not triprotic as might...

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Octadecylamine CAS 124-30-1

Application Modified octadecylamine (ODA) based Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films were investigated. These films may find uses as ion exchange systems. ODA may be...

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Chlormequat Chloride

Chlormequat Chloride CAS 999-81-5

Known as the first plant growth retardant to be used on plants, Chlormequat Chloride was first discovered by chemistry professor Dr. N.e....

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Latest Products

N-(n-Butyl)thiophosphoric triamide NBPT CAS 94317-64-3

N-(n-Butyl)thiophosphoric triamide CAS 94317-64-3 is our important products. About research of N-(n-Butyl)thiophosphoric triamide NBPT CAS 94317-64-3 , we are in...

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3,4-Dimethylpyrazole phosphate / DMPP as new nitrification inhibitor

Quick Details Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent CAS No.: 202842-98-6 Other Names: 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole phosphate MF: C5H11N2O4P EINECS No.: Null Purity: 98%...

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Cas 94317-64-3 NBPT / N-(N-Butyl)Thiophosphoric acid Triamide for feed additives

Product Name: N-(n-Butyl) Thiophosphoric Triamide (NBPT) Molecular Formula: C4H14N3PS Molecular Weight (g/mol): 167.21 Melting Point ( °C): 57 - 60...

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